Soooo, I cannot use Zimbra Mobile on Windows Phone 7 due to certificate errors with self signed certificates (yes I have successfully installed them but Windows Phone 7 mail app still won't allow me to progress because of a domain name mismatch on the cert - I am running multiple domains on my Zimbra server but only 1 IP) which means I cannot sync my Zimbra Calendar with full access rights. I can subscribe to my Zimbra calendar in Windows Live Calendar but obviously that doesn't allow me to edit it (ie add appointments from emails received on my Windows Phone).

So my question is, is there any way (either through a Zimlet or other method) of making Zimbra use my Windows Live calendar? I don't really want to run multiple calendars, it is not very efficient. I have installed the Outlook Connector on my desktop machine to allow me to manage my Windows Live Calendar from Outlook, it would be nice if I can get Zimbra to use the same calendar.