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Thread: Receiving multiple away / vacation / OOF messages during a user's vacation

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    Default Receiving multiple away / vacation / OOF messages during a user's vacation


    We use Zimbra in our company, not sure which version, could be a 6.x but I am really not sure. (The login screen sports a "2011" at the bottom if that tells you something.)

    Now the curious thing is that whenever my colleagues go on vacation and configure their away / vacation / OOF messages, I (and everybody else who e-mails them) receive these messages multiple times during their vacation. We simply cannot explain this to ourselves.

    Except maybe if Zimbra would kind of reset the "I have sent OOF messages" indicator if a user logs in during the validity of his OOF message. Is this possible? The thing is, many of my colleagues simply cannot let go. They often log in during their holidays to see what's up.

    Thanks for any explanation (or verifying my assumption)!

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    The ZCS 7.x has implementation that sender would OOF notification Once , for the period of OOF configured . Hope this HELPS.

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    Just to expand on the previous response, there is an administrative setting called "Out of office cache lifetime". This can be set to anything from a number of days down to a number of seconds. This is the time between messages from a sender for which the "OoO" message will be sent again. The setting has certainly been around prior to ZCS 7.x, so if version 6 or even before this would apply. It can only be set from the admin page (or command line), so seems like this user either has Admin access or asked the administrator to lower this setting.

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