Hi there -

Pardon my rant - but I feel I rather give some constructive criticism - maybe it will come to something.

We have just renewed our Zimbra Network edition licensing for 120 users - This is our 2nd year on Zimbra. Costed us for the renewal in South African Rands - about 50K - which is a lot of money. We took the opportunity of upgrading to version 8, while we're at it hoping some of the previous versions nuances, issues will be sorted out.

Now we find out that version 8 has a dspam bug - so we disable dspam - obviously with a considerable increase in incoming spam now. It's becoming harder for me as head of IT - to justify to directors spending 50K - and still unable to control something as elementary as spam - which incidentally gmail cuts down to virtually NIL.

Now I hear from the technical engineers, ldap backups are not successfully completing as well - surprise surprise, another version 8 bug. And then we're getting some SSL certificate error. And there are still a few other issues but I will omit for brevity.

All in all - for a product that is not cheaper any more than other leading solutions out there - not impressed at all

Zakaria Desai