We are running Zimbra FOSS 8.0.2 and have an issue in the web interface. The system will detect new messages coming in just fine and on the folder list at the left the count of messages in the Inbox will be properly updated in parenthesis.

The next column where we have the message list (By Message) however, we will not see any updates in the list UNTIL we click on the Inbox on the leftmost column. However, in the upper right of the message list column where it shows the number of messages this also will be updated properly, showing xx messages and then xx of xx+1 messges after a new message arrives.

I cannot seem to find any preferences or options that control the way this functions. My experience has been with other mail clients when new messages arrive counts AND message lists are updated which is what we have come to expect.

We have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE9 with all exhibiting the same issue. Can anybody shed some light on this. Thanks!