Hi everybody, I noticed a strange behaviour related to email attachments and Openoffice, using IE9. If I attach an .odt file to an email, the receiver has two possibilities to open it: click directly on the file name or click on "Download" link next to the file name. If he clicks on the file name an IE popup appears:
If he clicks on "open" the file opens correctly in Openoffice, but if he clicks on "Save copy as" button nothing happens (neither using ctrl+shift+s) shortcut, so he can't save a copy of that file.
If he clicks on "Download" link, instead, a different popup appears at the bottom of the window:
If he clicks on "Open" on this popup, it is possible to save the file in Openoffice with "Save copy as".
Anyone wonders why the behaviour is different? I noticed that the link associated to the two links is slightly different:
-> "File Name" link
-> "Download" link