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    Default Briefcase error 404

    Last week after we updated from Zimbra version 7.2.1 to 7.2.2 running on Ubuntu 10.04, we noticed that our Briefcase shares were no longer working. When I try to go to a public briefcase share, inside of our network I get the error: HTTP Error 404: no such item. The briefcase shares DO however work in the HTML web client. We are getting this 404 error in the Ajax client in firefox, chrome and IE8-9.

    Here are the 2 URLs I see from Ajax and HTML:
    Ajax: https://
    HTML: https://

    Now in those 2 URLs I am logged in as myself, Eric, trying to access a share on that larue account.

    I cloned this machine and tried to upgrade it to 8.0.2 and still the same error occured. Then I setup a new server with Ubuntu 12.04 and installed a clean 8.0.2 and setup 2 test users and we also got the 404 error.

    What are a few things I can look at to resolve this issue.


    I started a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 box and installed Zimbra 7.1.0 and the briefcase worked fine. I updated to 7.2.0 and the briefcase still worked. I then updated 7.2.1 and the briefcase shares still worked. But going up to 7.2.2 broke the briefcase shares.

    Thank You.
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