Hi everybody, my question is about how copying appointments in a shared calendar works. If someone shares me a calendar with admin or manager rights, I can create appointments on that calendar, as if I were the owner of that calendar. But if I create a copy of an appointment that is on that calendar on the same shared calendar, a popup warns me that "On copying an invited or shared appointment you will become the organizer for the copied appointment, and you won't receive any updates from the original appointment", and in fact the copied appointment appears with the red coloured bar, as if I was invited to that appointment, and if I try to edit that copied appointment I am warned that the changes made will be local only. Moreover, the calendar owner sees those copied appointments with the red bar as well.
There is also a small bug: if I try to delete one of these appointments with red bar, a popup asks me whether to inform or not the appointment organizer; if I choose yes, no mail are sent/received by the two involved accounts.
Could you explain me why there is this beaviour difference in creating and copying an appointment? Can't I copy an appointment as if I were the owner of the calendar, like it happens when I create a new appointment?