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Thread: incoming html mail sometimes is shown as ascii?

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    Default incoming html mail sometimes is shown as ascii?


    One of my customers uses a email branding tool on top of exchange, which adds a specific html layout to outgoing messages.

    the messages that customer sends me, arrive most of time correctly formatted as expected.
    Some however are shown in zimbra webclient as ascii messages with the layout files in attachment.
    The customer has created those messages no different than the correct ones.

    I deduplicated the customers outgoing mail to an gmail-account.
    in gmail the "broken" messages are correctly depicted using the layout.

    So it seem an issue with Zimbra webclient?
    The source text of the troubled messages look the same to me in gmail as in zimbra, but I do not know that format well.

    Within a month I should have found the time to upgrade to zimbra 8, perhaps that would solve it.


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    I have also seen this issue on versions up to and including 7.2.1

    Next time do a page refresh on your browser - in my case the formatting issue is resolved by a refresh.

    I am not sure if this suggests it is a browser issue or a zimbra issue and I have no idea how to figure it out beyond that.

    I normally use chrome - but have also seen the issue with firefox.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply

    I just completed the transition to zcs 802. the messages with the layout problem are still shown as ascii.
    Chrome/IE9 have the same issue.
    a side-note: ZCS on IE9/Chrome also feels slower than FF

    Perhaps this is because the message have already been received (and altered?) by ZCS608?
    I'll wait for some more new messages.

    btw: how do I a page refresh in FF so that it stays on the message?
    Reloading the complete page shows no does cleaning cache beforehand.

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