Hello all,

I thought I'd just like to bring to light some annoying default behavior that, unless caught early, pretty much ruins the use of the Activity Stream filter.

By default, when you turn on the Activity Stream, it creates a simple filter that is surprisingly effective. In fact, it tends to be a little too effective, but since it's not training spam, that's just fine.

The ability to automatically create rules to whitelist messages is wonderful. BUT - the default rule presented when you drag a message out of the Activity Stream is to match both the TO: address AND the FROM: address. This would be fine and well if it created one filter rule per message (which would be very inefficient), so it doesn't. It makes one new filter, called Activity Stream Exceptions, and sticks it at the top of the list.

So guess what happens when the user adds their second message exception? The AND condition of the filter changes to an OR condition, meaning that if the message matches either the TO: address OR the FROM: address, it won't go into the Activity Stream.

The only solution I've found to this issue so far is to manually edit the Activity Stream Exceptions filter rule and remove every reference to the user's own email address.

I suppose I should go file this as a bug on the Zimbra Bugzilla.