Hello dear,

i experienced next problems, want to import all my mails from webmail zimbra to my another mail account - GMAIL, like some backup variant, so i exported all mails from webmail zimbra, through export function, and exported file is .tgz file.

I tried using thunderbird mail client, and polugin for import mbox files for thunderbird, which usually imports .eml files, and when i extracted .tgz backup file, and tried with thunderbird to import to some local folder in thunderbird, it didn't recognize .eml files from zimbra, cause it seems these .eml files are connected to some eml.meta files or something like that?

So, please suggest me what to do, to import files from .tgz to GMAIL, or in MS Outlook, or whatever? Do you have some tool for conversion files from backup to some standard format which will be accepted for outlook or gmail?