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Thread: Sync fails between Zimbra and BlackBerry

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    Default Sync fails between Zimbra and BlackBerry


    We are using Zimbra 8 at the company as mailling client. We also have some BlackBerrys for the head of departments but we have not BES, BESX and nothing similar. Just BlackBerrys.

    I have configured personal Zimbra account for each BlackBerry through BlackBerry's emailing manager directly, but I got the issue that if you mark an email as read in BB, it appears read in Zimbra (but not vice versa).

    Could it be possible to switch this function off? i.e., when I mark something read in BB, it stays unread in Zimbra?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello tetosan,

    If you don't manage your own BES, BB emailing manager it's using POP3.

    So, you can't achieve what you need.


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