Hi Everyone,

We have a multi-platform environment where people on Macs and PCs are accessing zimbra via webmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. We need to find a way that users can archive mail either manually or automatically (based on date range etc.) to a folder on the zimbra server that does not sync to their email clients (This is not really a big deal as outlook does not mount shared folders unless set to and Apple Mail, which connects via IMAP, can probably be set to ignore a folder for IMAP sync). Mainly we want to reduce the amount of mail in a person's mailbox so that they aren't syncing so much data to their mail clients. Zimbra itself is great at handling very large mailboxes but outlook and apple mail are not and get bogged down. I have looked at creating an archive mailbox and then creating an archive folder for each user and sharing each folder out to the appropriate user. This would provide a manual archive but to be realistic most people do not want to spend the time doing this so we really need an automatic solution. The only archive related zimlet I found appears to be depreciated and does not work on our version of zimbra 7.2. This seems like it would be a common problem and is a basic feature in outlook. Any ideas on a solution to this common problem?