one of our clients is having an odd problem using zimbra.

when she opens zimbra (8.0.1 Foss) in internet explorer 9 (including all updates) her OS (windows 7, also including all updates) crashes and reboot.
she can use IE normally without using zimbra. but at the moment she start zimbra or logon to the mailserver windows crash and reboots. no problems when using another browser like firefox.

on the client side and on the server side there are no events stating any problem.

and to make it even more strange: when I log in to her windows-account using teamviewer I can see things go wrong, but when I log in to her windows account using RDP IE behaves normally and I can start zimbra and login to any zimbra-account.
when I login to the hardware as an admin, no problems there, Teamviewer or RDP.

other clients doesn't have this problem although they are using similar setup (win 7, IE 9, Zimbra 8 FOSS)

so far I can't see what is going wrong, so if any one have a clue on this, regards Fons