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Thread: Syncing with Sony Ericsson M600i and problem with calendar

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    Default Syncing with Sony Ericsson M600i and problem with calendar


    first I want to use this to mention that syncing with the Sony Ericsson M600i is now working like a charm, as you get a free version of Dataviz Activesnc (or Roadsync, on my phone it says Activesync). I just wanted to note this as some time ago this phone was discussed and did not work back then.

    But still I have a small problem.
    Every all-day apointment (and as such all holidays) that are synced will trigger an alarm and that at 23:55. This is really annoying.
    Now is this a problem with my phone or is this anything I can change within Zimbra?
    I would like it better if either there is no alarm at all or e.g. at noon the day before.

    One more thing: according to the wiki email push should be supported with any device running roadsync/activesync. When I select it and sync one time it is deactivated again.


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