I got a little trouble with the "searching" feature in the OS Edition of Zimbra. Under normal circumstances, it works fast and great, but here...

We got lots of emails with the Subject

20005422 on 22.03.2013 18:55:00
20005444 on 23.03.2013 18:55:00
20005455 on 23.03.2013 18:55:00

and so on.

If i search for 20005422 I find the first Email
If I search for 200054* I find all Emails
If I search for 2000* I find a lot more emails.

But In this case, the last 4 Digits are relevant.

I thought a simple

subject:*5455 would solve the problem and returns the last mail of the three above to my window, but it doesn't..

How can I search fo the last digits/letters in a word of the subject or body?

This should be possible, shouldn't it?

Thanks a lot in advance!