Using Zimbra 8.0.3 via the Web Client.

I am using a lot of filters to send incoming emails off into folders etc. automatically. However I also have filters which I have created that are in my inactive column so that I can see the email in my inbox. Then when I want to do a mass cleanup I will manually run these inactive filters over the inbox to act on the emails.

My beef is that I have to move the inactive filter to the active filter list first before manually running it and then move it back out once it is finished.

Because I have a lot of filters both active and inactive, and because the default behaviour is to place the moved filter at the bottom of the list it is moved into there is a lot of mouse clicks and scrolling going on to manually run filters.

What I would see as a solution is to allow the manual run of a filter while it is still in the inactive list. So just select the desired inactive filter, click run, select the folder to run the filter over. DONE.

Thoughts, comments, ideas?