The user wants to set a filter in Zimbra webmail so that emails from certain users get sent to a particular folder.
Creating a new filter, then choosing ANY and FROM MATCHES EXACTLY and then either entering an email address such as, or adding it to the filter from an existing email (which adds the email address as, just as if we had typed it in) doesn't work. Emails from stay firmly in the Inbox.

Only if we choose CONTAINS instead of MATCHES EXACTLY does it work.

Upon experimenting, we found that if an email from arrives, and we look at the email source, the FROM field appears as 'Joe Smith <>', and if we put that whole thing into filter with MATCHES EXACTLY, then it works.

It doesn't seem like an ordinary user should have to know how the source header looks in order to filter properly - plus the fact that zimbra itself adds in the email address like that to the filter is very misleading.

Are we missing something?

The problem with using CONTAINS instead is that the user receives emails from MANY many people, and wants to filter a couple hundred of them into the folder, and it is quite possible that an email (e.g. might be contained in another (e.g. which would lead to incorrect filing of emails.

Thanks in advance for any advice.