Hi everyone,

I'm migrating an Exchange environment to Zimbra. My client uses Public Folders and also mail enabled those folders so their users reply to emails going in to those folders as the folder email alias (if any of that makes sense).

Basically, I've setup a resource for Archive emails and allowed users permissions to it. That works fine. Next I need a resource that receives external mail which I have setup successfully. I've added sendas and sendonbehalfof permissions in the Web UI but in Outlook (logged in as the user to whom I've give the rights), I can't "reply as". I also don't have the permission to create a Persona as the resource.

I get this:

Error: This message could not be sent.

Subject: RE:Test
To : ******@******.*** <- Hidden the actual values but it's my email address which is valid and outside of the Zimbra organisation.
Send on behalf of : Info

Note: You are not allowed to send on behalf of this person. Please recreate and resend the message.

Is there something I am missing here? We have a few clients who use this feature with public folders in Exchange so surely it's a common thing. Just FYI i also get the same problem in the Web UI when trying to send as.

I can send as if I enable the zimbraAllowAnyFromAddress feature on the sending account but this is a big security hole I don't want opened. If i try and add individual zimbraAllowFromAddress's I cannot add the info@ account as it says I am not allowed to use internal accounts.

Please help. Thanks