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    Hi all, I hope someone can offer me some help here.
    I manage a web page for a vintage motorcycle club, and we have an email address that's used for communication from visitors to the website.
    This email account is hosted by our ISP as a separate account from the web hosting account, and recently the ISP started using zimbra for their email.
    I had set up the email account using a .forward file with the email addresses of all the club officers, and when our ISP changed their email system over, the forwarding file went away, and we stopped getting emails.
    After calling the ISP tech support staff, I learned that I needed to log into our email account via the Zimbra web interface, where I was able to locate the forwarding function in mail preferences.
    Right after I added the required email addresses, we started getting a lot of spam, most of it from France, for some reason.
    So I looked at the junk mail settings, and added as many of the domain names and/or email addresses to be blocked as I could. This didn't seem to do anything, so I looked at filters, and set up a filter to discard emails based on a number of text strings that would appear in the "from" field in the emails.
    This also didn't seem to do anything, even after playing with wildcards, "contains" "matches exacly".
    I had concluded that the email forwarding happened before the filters were run, so, on further investigation, I learned that I could set a filter that would forward emails.
    I created one to be run after the filters supposedly removing objectionable emails, which would forward everything else.
    This didn't seem to work either, so I changed the mail settings to retain a copy of all emails, and modified the junk filter to copy junk mail to the junk folder.
    What I learned from that was that even though the filters were working (I had set a test condition in my filter to treat every email with "mail filter test" in the subject line as junk) and the filtered emails were being sent to junk, they were also still being forwarded.
    How do I tell the filters to stop processing mail only for mail that fits the criteria? It looks like all mail is processed by all the filters, regardless of the position of the filter in the list.

    This shouldn't be so difficult. A simple *.fr ought to get rid of 74% of this spam, and news@* should probably get rid of half the rest. But these tests have to take effect before the forwarding test is used. In order to allow all desired email to get through, the test to select emails to be forwarded has to depend on the bad stuff already being gone!


    I take it back. the message forwarding via a filter doesn't work at all. I have to have my forwarding list in the message forwarding available in mail settings.
    This is clearly happening before the filters are given a chance to remove all the bad stuff.
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