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Thread: Calendar change attendee status

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    Default Calendar change attendee status

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way for the creator of a meeting to change the status of some of his attendees ?
    In Outlook when after a meeting has been created we could change individual attendees status (accept / deny).

    Is it possible to have the same option with Zimbra CS 8 (web base) ?

    There are 2 reason why this could be useful :
    1- Some attendee answer the meeting request be sending a standard e-mail (I know dumb) or by phone.

    2- When we schedule people for training we would like to be able to change their status afterward depending if they were present or not.
    (that way we can easily keep track of who need to be reappointed a training session)

    Thank you

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    I need an answer to this exact question. Can someone please help?

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