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Thread: Printing Calendar from Web Client

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    Default Printing Calendar from Web Client

    We use multiple shared calendars in our organization. And, we often use printouts for management meetings. However, when printing from the web client the calendar detail gets cut off on each line, and when there are more events than show, we only see "more" at the bottom. Perhaps I am missing something in the setup.

    As a workaround I thought I would use the Outlook Connector so that I could print from Outlook, however I am not able to view the shared calendars.

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. It has been a trying transition for our users from Lotus Notes, however, as each day goes by our staff loves Zimbra and the web client more and more. We use the hosted version by Amicus.

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    This works as designed (probably not the best design ). We would love to fix this for you - writing up an enhancement request in bugzilla is the best way for this to happen. Search bugzilla to check if something similar already exists or create a new bug. Please be sure to explain how you would like this fixed.

    And dont forget to vote!

    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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