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    I've been having a bit of a weird issue with Zimbra and the connector for Outlook, I've logged it with Zimbra but I'm not really getting anywhere fast, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I've been gradually rolling out Zimbra to the users in my company and I've noticed a few issues with people receiving "Local Failure Notices", whilst I'm not too worried about that I've been having a strange issue myself.

    First thing in the morning when I come in and switch on my PC I don't have any email delivered to my Outlook (2010) using the latest ZCO, if I press 'send/receive' a local failure notice email drops in, but that's it. When I look in the Zimbra web console all of my email is in there. When I click on any email on the web client to read them they suddenly appear as a read item in Outlook, although with some of them I have to resend them to myself before they appear in Outlook.

    Initially I thought it was due to me being a BES user, and possibly Blackberry doing odd things, but I disabled myself from Blackberry for a couple of days but the issue continued, I have now installed the Zimbra desktop software and it seems to work fine, and shows all of my email when I open it in the morning, unfortunately we have to use Outlook and the ZCO.

    I should note that throughout the day when I'm logged in and working on my PC it works exactly as it should do, with all my email being delivered to Outlook as well as the web console, I tested it by leaving it on with my Outlook open all night and it had all the email in it that the web client did, so it appears to work fine as long as I have my PC on and logged in with Outlook running.

    I think the issue is down to the ZCO but I'm not completely sure, to me it seems like it disconnects from Zimbra when I log off of my PC, and I am only logging off, I have my PC on through the night so I can work from home.
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