Hi All,

Im a sys admin for a medium sized company (around 60 staff). Currently we
are running kerio as our mailserver with local pst's. Our staff do move between the 2 offices we have quite often, and also roam quite a bit. Basically im itching to move to a collaboration server such as Zimbra\exchange to ease the pain with having local PST's. Moving PST's constantly, users reaching the 2.0 GB limit etc etc. Exchange SP2 will now allow up to 70GB of stores.., thus for our sized company, allowing up to 1.2GB for each user with Standard Edition, instead of having to purchase Enterprise Edition. This..yes, is a great bonus. Still, If Zimbra can offer a similar feature rich, stable solution inc some support for $30 per mailbox - plus (very hopefully) a tool for migrating PST's gracefully, then im 101% sure..that the solution and costings, will FAR outweigh exchange. I can see thousands of sysadmin's who have very limited budget's, yet want to provide their staff with an exchange like solution..smiling already.

And you will be suprised at actually how many medium sized business on the "brink" of needing an exchange like solution there are, that have a limited budget, yet want to move forward. This product will hopefully fill that void.

Great work guys...keep me updated on a PST migration tool, and final - (non beta?) release.