Hello, we are looking at Zimbra as a replacement for some of our customers.
We usally supply Ensim servers which use SpamAs and MailScanner.

In our tests so far, we've found that the Zimbra is not Tagging Spam as we would expect. We've tried putting the Kill % to 0 and Tag to 10 %

Would this Kill all spam, as it's 0% and Higher or would a Kill % of 0 disable this option? What we are trying to do is monitor how much individual spams are tagged.

In future it'd be great to have spam settings for each user, not a system wide setting.

We are now testing with kill % at 100 and tag at 20%. I think from the documentation that this configuration will tag messages the server is 20% sure is spam and kill anything that is 100% deff spam. Correct?

Any more detailed explination of this Percentage Option would be appreciated.

Thanks for a great Open Source tool !