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Thread: Need Help with Zimbra 8 Spell Check!!!

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    Default Need Help with Zimbra 8 Spell Check!!!

    Hi all. I work for the IT dept for my company and we recently purchased and installed some IBM Thinkpad Edge E-530s and have since upgraded to Zimbra 8 Mail Client. One of the laptops is doing something funky and I can't figure out how to resolve this issue. The spell check doesn't always pick up misspelled words. For example, the user that is presently using the laptop was writing an email and punched in "chaneg" instead of "change" and it didn't pick up that it was a misspelled word. It has done this on several other words as well and I have no idea how to fix this issue. He is the only user with this issue. The laptop is running Windows 7 Pro, and as I stated before, is only happening on this one machine. Any suggestions or help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Hi, also work for IT dept, and having similar issue, users is complaining of writing incorrect word, ie..."moring" (morning), it will show red line under word. When the user right clicks on word, sometimes it will show word suggestions, other times it will not. When it does show word suggestion, and then click on the correct word, it will not replace incorrect word. It will however work fine, when the user clicks on the spell check button. Also, only happening to one user so far, and again, zimbra not showing correct word and if it does, not allowing user to change incorrect word with correct word unless user uses spell check button at top of mail screen.
    Thank you

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