When I first login to Admin console, the Home page shows activation and backup error messages:
  • Yellow bar at the top that says "There is no valid license installed." and a link to "Manage Licenses..."
  • Under Maintenance, "Last Backup:" says "Loading..." no matter how long I wait.


Clicking "Home" on the left navigation panel links reloads the panel, and the activation message disappears and the value for Last Backup loads properly:

If I Ctrl+R or F5 to refresh the page (or logout/login again), the errors come back.

Recently upgraded from 7.2.0 to 7.2.4 to 8.0.4 Network Edition, all on the same Ubuntu 10.04 x64 LTS host.
Current version: Release 8.0.4.GA.5737.UBUNTU10.64 UBUNTU10_64 NETWORK edition

I already troubleshooted by reuploading the ZCSLicense.xml file and successfully activated again, and rebooted the entire host OS, but the errors persist.
Activation info looks fine:

Any ideas?