Hi all! I am using zimbra 7.2 in centos 5.6. Zimbra works quite fine except that it fails to forward emails to myself. Take this as an example. My company's e-mail addr is xxxx@sample.com which is based on zimbra. And I have set a rule to that mailbox to forward all mails it received to another mailbox, i.e. test123@gmail.com. Well then if I send an email to xxxx@sample.com thru somemail@gmail.com, everything is fine. But if I send an email to xxxx@sample.com thru test123@gmail.com, then it fails and will get a wrong message from google.

Of cause someone will never send a mail and then automatically forward to himself. But sometimes when we try to reply group mails we often try to "reply to all". This may cause that the receivers may include myself. And the wrong message from google is very anoying 'Cause that it incorrectly tell me that my mail has not been sent correctly.
Anyone konws how to avoid this?

And maybe this thread is not in the right place. I am sorry cause I cannot find a better forum.