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Thread: Calendar speed

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    Unhappy Calendar speed

    Hello folks!

    This is my second post about the same question, but I don't get any answer...

    How to make Zimbra's Calendar as fast or FASTER than Outlook (I have to convince the director of the company, that zimbra is better AND FASTER than MS Outlook, in order to migrate definitively).

    I have reached this 2 with the messaging experience, but in the calendar experience, Outlook (against MS Exchange server) is much faster than zimbra.

    I don't know if Outlook, when it loads, loads all the calendar information, and therefore i'm 1 click (1 second) away of viewing my whole calendar for the week, without waiting... But with Zimbra, this looks very different. The calendar loads slowly, and when I change from "day view" to "week view" in a normally charged calendar (of only 1 person), it takes up to 5-6 seconds to load all the information and display it.

    ¿Is there a way to function like Outlook calendar does? (like I said, I don't know if Outlook takes the information and places it in a cache when it loads, but whenever you are in the calendar view, the time to display the appointments of a charged week is less than 1 second).

    Thank you very much for your time answering me, and excuse me if I didn't find the answer in the forums (may be I didn't search well).

    All the best for you in this new coming year, and thank you for contributing to the community with such an excellent application.

    Pere Serrano

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    Is it possible to give us a screen shot of your calendar (anonymized) that loads slowly? Is it complicated? 5-6 seconds is nothing something we see.
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    Default Complex calendars are slow

    With a complex calendar, lots of recurring meetings etc. we've seen the Calendar display run pretty slow on a low-spec machine. We had to increase the Javascript timeout in Firefox.

    IE6 is pretty slow of course, are you running that?


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    Default Slow Calendars

    We have one Administrative Assistant with about 10 shared calendars open. It runs pretty slow sometimes. I've given her a few different options.

    In Firefox open a new tab and have one or two calendars viewable, or we installed Sunbird calendar program. Sunbird works well also. I may put her on Outlook 2003 as soon as the 2007 licenses come out. I can get the OEM of office with a new computer for about $130 from Dell.

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