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Thread: Logger Failed

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    Default Logger Failed

    I came in this morning to find that logger stopped at 2:30am this morning. Is there a way to configure the system to have an email sent if a zimbra service fails?

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    I suppose you could, but the question would be what kind of alert would you need?

    **EDIT: That's not the real question. What the real question is, WHY DID THE LOGGER FAIL!

    If you send an e-mail alert, then that *may* not work(depending on how you do it).

    I suppose you could write a script to monitor the zimbra services, and if one stops, to send an sms message, but that would take a little coding.

    If you're asking if the zcs offers this natively, the answer is no. Also, the logger isn't a critical service, so it doesn't imped messages being delivered.

    I use a service called -
    It monitors my zcs server via pop3, and if a service goes down, it text messages me.

    I have yet to use it
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