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    Default Mail Injection Stress Test

    Hi everyone.

    After a while digging wiki and forum, i has been able to install Zimbra Open Source version into my computer. I already able to create account, send and receive mail between accounts.
    But now i need to do some stress test on mail server. I'm thinking of using postfix stress test which they provide but because of conflict with zimbra-mta, i switch to Mail Injection Stress Test - Wiki.

    I already create a file name "lmtp_injector_conf" with batch size of 1000 at first ( will increase more later which match our company ) . List user has 5 account which newly create. I login those account to test send, receive mail and confirm there no problem.
    I create a file "lmtp_injector" in the same folder as the one above. Its content is the same as in wiki page.

    For running, input in terminal :
    ./lmtp_injector 10/second
    ( Wiki site use sec which is not correct format, should correct it soon as well as the code for restart dnsmasq in split_dns )
    The code running without any error message. Target count increased as intent ( 10 mail per second ) but actual stay unchanging at 0.
    Check in admin console as well as any of those 5 account i put in config file, but there aren't any mail or spam.
    So i want to ask if there anything i missed here while creating those file? Like for example disable spam filter ( there some config need to change when using stress test with postfix but didnt see any here )

    Edit : Forgot to say that i used newest version Zimbra 8. Wiki page only test with version 7. So is there any change between these 2 which can make it fail ?

    Thank you!
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