I just upgraded from Zimbra Community Edition 7.2.1 to 8.0.2 (and, on the way, from Debian to Ubuntu 12.04 and from 32- to 64 bit...). All of that went (mostly) fine.

I noted a few minor issues:
- ZCS8 regenerated self-signed SSL certs even though I copied the existing ones. Fixed by simply reimporting the proper ones with zmmanagecerts.
- A lot of the zimlets (I think mostly the old ones) haven't properly registered, but removing and reinstalling them fixes that, too.
- Server overview claims no services running even though they are; I already regenerated the ssh keys; but that's only a minor thing for my installation.

The main thing I'm seeing is really a UX issue: in 7.2.1 and earlier versions, the "automatically mark messages as read" functionality marked only the currently active message in a thread as read, so the top one when the thread was collapsed. This made it easy to see that there were more, older messages in the thread that hadn't been read yet.

In 8.0.2, however, this functionality marks the entire thread as read; so I no longer have an easy indicator of which threads have messages I haven't seen yet. I can set the functionality on or off in the settings; but I see no way to revert back to the old behaviour.

Is it possible to do so, and would anyone be kind enough to tell me how? :-)

Thank you,