this is technically about zimbra webmail but i could not seem to find a specific webmail forum here.

basically i have a contact 'somewhere' in my address book. however, zimbra webmail acts as if it does not exist. and yet at the same time it does. confusing? let me explain.

i have a list of contacts in address book. this 'ghost' email address is not on the list. in fact it does not show up anywhere in my address book. i'll make a new contact group. i'll send an email to the contact group. i will get a 'mail delivery subsystem' bounced back to me from the ghost email address that does not exist in my address book. Now, what is even stranger is if i right click on the ghost email, and the email address zimbra will give me the option to 'add to contacts'.

i have found no solution. and this is quite frustrating. i can delete the entire contact group, make a fresh, new one, and the ghost email address will still somehow find itself on the contact group list.