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Thread: Zimbra Address Book (Group Creation Issue)

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    Question Zimbra Address Book (Group Creation Issue)

    In my address book, I have the names of all the people I work with.

    Each contact has two email addresses

    1) home/private address
    2) work address (we all have the same domain)

    When I want to create an email contact group:

    Click: New Contact Group

    I do a search for our at work domain:
    Then my 11 office mates contact email addresses appear on the right hand screen.
    Since I'm creating an AtWork contact group, I only want our work email addresses in this group.

    This is what I see on the right hand side (two emails addresses per contact, the work email addresses are all the 2nd entry)


    When I click on the <blah> address, only their at home/private email address appears on the left, not the work address as expected. If I click on their private/at home address, that address get's moved to the left, but never the at work address

    This also occurs, if I search for just one persons contact, both email address appear on the right, but I can not add the 2nd email address (the at work one in my case) to the contact group.

    Clicking on the "Add All" gives me the same result, just the 1st email address listed for each contact.

    It appears that adding contacts to a group contact in this manner only takes the 1st email address in the contact's entry.

    I hope I've explained this clearly enough.

    So, I can't seem to create a contact group with the work email addresses, only the at home. This is very bizarre.

    Has anyone come across this issue and find a solution?


    Zimbra Open Source Edition: 8.0.5.GA.5839.UBUNTU12.64 running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (server) real (not in a VM)

    PS: I can add any email address by manually typing it in the "Or enter addresses below (comma separated)" box bottom right of screen. But the above method 'should' just work.
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