A month ago we migrated from ZCS 8.0.4 (on Ubuntu 10.04) to 8.0.4 (on Ubuntu 12.04.3) and applied the upgrade to ZCS 8.0.6.

From there on we have a strange behaviour:

If a user prints a message (without opening it in a new tab first), everything is fine. But if the user first opens the message and then wants to print the message, the message text is malconfigured:

From field: empty
Subject field: empty
text is fine
attachments like logos are added as jpeg-text like this:

------=_Part_1076924_1888718877.1389272470241 Content-Type: image/png; name=undefined Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=undefined Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-ID: <35271ac6428280409f33d9208cb905769b48cdfd@zimbra > iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAABogAAAP2CAIAAABbrYhqAAAgAE lEQVR4nOydPWjbWh+Hz3AHDx08 dPDQoYY71NAhhg4NdGmgQwMdasjQQIaL6VBMhmI6FNOlmDu8mA 7FdAiiQ8EdAu5QcIeAuwR8h4Iy FJwh4AwdNGTQ0MFDhvMOkmV9HH3Z8kfS58fT4sjSOf/zoSPp5yNJ9I51AAAAAAAAAAAAm+9677ve PRp0vw06X/vtj93me632urn5eLf0oLr9vFP936jx0Wx+himNT2btvVn9d7i9 39180ihuVAp3Nree 7NZeNVsfOp2v/e7RoPfdX9Wid6wPfhqDU3P4azwyAAAAAAAAAADgj+eXOTw39TN j8HM0+DHsH+u9 o0H3a7/1QSvd29582tp9o+/+O6rCv6Pqv6Pdf0eV1

Printing the message without opening it, the message to print is opened like this:


Printing the message opening it first:


The problem is the "&part=2" inside it.

Somebody has the same problem?

Thank you very much

Thomas Moser