hi my provider for business solutions sent me a fax via mail, i need to sent this fax to other destinations with my email.

eg. olimontel fax server sent me an email like number (at) olimontel.com
i need to receive this mail with attached and forward it to another email like rome (at) myname.com

olimontel fax server sent me an email with other text inside i need to sent this mail to my colleague and customer without olimontel text but with my text and my mail...

i can receive on my mail 100 different mail number, and we forward the pdf attached to different mail

eg. 02123456 (at) olimontel.it fwd>>> to mail1 (at) myname.com and mail2 (at) xxxxxx.com

06123456 (at) olimontel.it fwd>>> to mail33 (at) myname.com and milano (at) xxxxxx.com

023333333(at) olimontel.it fwd>>> to mail66 (at) myname.com and mail2666 (at) xxxxxx.com

in the forwarded mail there should be no trace of olimontel mail server and other....

can anyone help me??