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Thread: Show folder list /zimlet list when searching

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    Default Show folder list /zimlet list when searching


    How can I show the email folder list or the zimlet list when I search.

    When I search for email the search menu is going to the left and replacing the folder list.

    If I want to move (drag and drop) a email to a different folder or to a zimlet for download that is not possible.

    Any way I can fix this?


    Aage Martin

    Using Zimbra 8.0.6_GA_5922

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    Quote Originally Posted by AageMartin View Post
    Any way I can fix this?

    This is a known bug that's being worked on. The easy workaround for 'move' is to use the move menu in the toolbar. There currently isn't an easy alternative for drag-and-drop to zimlets, though one way to do it would be to save the search as a search folder, and then it would appear in the app tab where the organizer list is visible on the left. (yeah, I know this isn't great, and yes we're going to fix it)

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