As far as I can tell there is no zimbra connecter for mac outlook to do all mail, contact and calenders etc.
I have opted for imap in outlook, and the Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync to get the contacts and calenders. This has worked until the Maverick release of Mac for me.
My first question is there a plan for the zimbra connector for mac outlook? I'm happy if the answer is there are no current plans for this. I'm just an IT tech and have had to set up zimbra on macs occasionally for clients. I know there is the zimbra desktop.
My second question is the Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync meant to work on the Mac OS maverick? I had it working perfectly on leopard, but have been unsuccessful on two separate macs with maverick on them. The calendars and the contacts dont sync. Moreover I believe its the sync service as I cant get that to start. I have followed the zcs zimbra Connector for Apple iSync guide to setting it up as well.

Any help would be much appreciated.