we've got a problem with e-mails that have links in them that link to anchors further down in the e-mail. This is used so users can have a kind of TOC on top that links to the actual articles further down in the e-mail. A link would look something like this:

<a href="#OTS_20140217_OTS0169" style="font-weight: bold; color: #717f8d; text-decoration: none;">Link</a>

and further down you'll find

<a name="OTS_20140217_OTS0173"></a>

Clicking the link should scroll the e-mail to the named anchor.
In Zimbra 8.0 the href of the link is appended to the current URL including all parameters, so #OTS_20140217_OTS0169 becomes https://your.server.com/zimbra/#OTS_20140217_OTS0148 and opens up a new instance of the webclient in the frame that's supposed to show the e-mail.

Is there some way to change this behaviour? Or is this a bug?