I saw a similar post from a few days ago, but I think my circumstances are different enough to warrant a new thread. I searched the forums and bugzilla and didn't find anything on this; hopefully I'm not missing something obvious.

I am an email server administrator for about 400 users. We are currently using a simple Linux-based Postfix/POP3 environment, with Outlook 2000/2003 at the client end. We are just starting a migration to Zimbra (OSS edition, at least for now). In order to ensure a smooth transition it was agreed upon that we would have users continue using Outlook, and then slowly get them up to speed on the Zimbra web-client. At some point we may move some users entirely or partially over to the web-client.

We have a few test users on the Zimbra server, trying to discover any issues or problems with moving from POP3 to IMAP with Outlook. So far it hasn't been too bad, and the few things that have been brought up we've been able to handle. However, we have discovered one problem that I can't find a solution for.

Outlook does not allow you to control where Sent items are kept; they are just put into the sent folder on the local '.pst' file. Following information I found on these forums, as well as other places on the Internet, we setup a rule in Outlook to copy sent messages to the 'Sent' folder on the Zimbra server. The problem is that when you go back to the Zimbra web client and look at the list of messages in the Sent folder the "To:" field is blank. You have to select and view the actual message in order to see who it was sent to. I see this as a deterrent for us moving people slowly over to the web client; users won't like the fact that they can't easily see who they sent a message to.

Any help or information on this issue would be greatly appreciated.