Seemingly my whole Userbase (Firefox on Windows) and I (Safari/Firefox on Mac OS X) are to stupid to do a simple tinh:

We want the sidebar on the left which contains the folder hierachy to be a little wider. In the middle of the dividing line I see 5 small circles - a GUI element used as a handle in on some GUI Toolkits. If I move the mouse ofer it the mouse pointerschanges to an arrow pointing right.

I assume therefor that it is meant to be that I can resize the sidebar with this handle. Unfortunately we have found no way to actually resize. Basically nothing works to resize the thing: click and drack, klick, doubleklick etc.

So far we have found nothing to resize the sidebar. Any advice on how to resize that thing?

And by the way - where do I check which version of Zimbra I have running (4.5.something, network edition IIRC)