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Thread: Why my picture in attach file don't show in message body.

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    Default Why my picture in attach file don't show in message body.

    When I attached image file in my message and I checked box of "Show images in message body" and I send to another account.
    Receiver don't see my image.(Please see example in attach file.)

    I used zcs 7.2.3(Open source edition) and I set my Display email as HTML, too.

    If you have a solution to fix this problem, please let me know.

    Thank you.


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    Based on the information provided, it's really difficult to say. A couple steps I'd check first... 1) make sure the image you added was via an attachment and not a link. (just because you can reach a link, doesn't mean other addresses can) 2) assuming #1 was correct, make sure there's no software that might be blocking the display. (ad blockers and the like).

    If neither of these suggestions fix the issue, you'll want to do a test and on the received email, use the "Show Original" command and save the result to a text file. That attachment can then be added to a bug report on

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