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Thread: [SOLVED] User Guide for Zimbra

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    Exclamation User Guide Version 5.0

    Anything new on Version 5.0 User Guide? What about the HTML version mentioned earlier? Is that still planned?


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    Looking forward to the User Guide of Zimbra 5

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    Smile Any news on the User Guide for Zimbra 5?

    Any news on the User Guide for Zimbra 5?

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    Red face Very restrictive copyright notice and no HTML version

    Thanks for posting the link mmorse.... but...

    My excitement was somewhat tempered by the very restrictive copyright notice included in the PDF, see below. Any chance this could be changed so this documentation can be legally used? What's really odd, is that the documentation Copyright Notice is far more restrictive than the license Zimbra (the software) is released under, Licensing for open source server & client technology: enterprise messaging and collaboration software by Zimbra.

    Copyright Notice
    Copyright © 2008 Zimbra, Inc. All rights reserved.

    This document contains confidential, proprietary information of Zimbra, Inc. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, or disclosure of any portion of the contents of these materials by any means—including printed or duplicated materials, on‐screen publication, or Web documentation—is expressly forbidden.

    Zimbra and the Zimbra logo are trademarks of Zimbra Inc. Any other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    Another problem is that this page, Documentation for the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite; email, contacts, and group calendaring states:
    Below is end user oriented documentation for using the Zimbra Web Client. Both PDF and HTML content are provided.
    But there is no HTML version available on that page.

    The Zimbra 4.5 user guide was made available in MS Word format. Would it be possible to also make this new revision available in MS Word or Open Office format? In fact, if the documentation were licensed under the ZPL or YPL then it would be a given that the source code to the PDF would be available to the community to improve, re-use and distribute.


    PS. I know with this post I will sound like a very ungrateful bastard, so I just want to make it clear that I very MUCH appreciate the effort, time & work put into updating the Zimbra user guide for v5. So thank you!
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