Apologies if such a thing already exists but I would really like to find a 'User Guide' for Zimbra.

What I mean is, a guide I could give to my users and designed for beginners on how to use the Zimbra interface and also Outlook with the Zimbra connector installed (how to set up shared folders etc).

I realise there are several useful documents for Administrators but there seems to be nothing for the non-technical user.

I also realise that there is a pretty good help system built-in for Zimbra but something to be kept available up in the our offices in paper copy for reference would be nice.

Has anybody created such a thing that they would be willing to allow us to use or is there any plans for such a thing?
I know there is a bugzilla for such a thing but the link just points you back to the main document page on which I can not find anything suitable.