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Thread: How to send email from Distribution list

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    Question How to send email from Distribution list

    Hi there,

    I'm sending emails to distribution lists but how can I send email from one?

    I was searching info for that but found nothing in forums or docs.
    As I can see in admin panel there is even status field for "Last Login".

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    Create local list by going New -> Contact Group.

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    Just to be clear, you want to send out a message as though you were the distribution list, rather than as an individual user that typically sends a message to the distribution list and the system them relays that message to all DL members? This isn't an especially typical scenario, but it's possible as an administrator to add delegation rights to the DL account so that your user account has permission to either "send as" or "send on behalf of" the DL. Once delegated, you would compose a message as normal, but you'd be able to select who the message is from much as you would if you've setup an alternate account or persona.

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