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Thread: Issues with AppleMail IMAP and ZCS8.0.6?

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    Default Issues with AppleMail IMAP and ZCS8.0.6?

    Hi there,

    we upgraded our installation a few weeks ago from 6.0.7 to 8.0.6 without having any issues. Everything is great and works very well.
    We also changed the Server OS to supported Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

    Since the upgrade one user has the problem that the connection to server is not working properly. If he doesn't open the connection windows of applemail he wouldn't recognize that. In this window it shows that he trys to open the connection to the server, but this process never finishes. He has to kill AppleMail and restart it. After the restart the connection is opened correctly and mails are synchronized. The problem appears suddenly and no info in logging of the server.

    Is there a known bug of incomptabliity with applemail?
    thanks for your time

    kind regards

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    no one with any idea???

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    Hi MasterTH2014,
    Please provide us more information about the information of the client machine:
    OS Version
    Applemail version

    Are you in the last version of previous both?

    Kind regards

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