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    Default Toaster Problem

    I have installed ZimbraToast-4.5.2_GA_696-4.5.61.msi and after getting my self-signed SSL certificate installed, I can get IE7 and Toaster to both connect with secure connection and not complain about the cert, so I'm assuming that is ok.

    But now that is connects ok, the problem is that whenever I get a new email and then click the new message popup window, I get an exception box that pops up for a few seconds and then disappears.

    After playing with it for awhile, I managed to hit details and print screen within the 2 seconds before the error dialog disappeared

    So, I managed to get this screenshot. Is the toaster working for anyone with 4.5.2 ZCS NE and ZimbraToast-4.5.2_GA_696-4.5.61.msi installed?

    I tried in both IE7 and FF2 with same error, I have FF2 registered as default browser.

    Any idea where the *whole* error message might be contained before the window disappears? I found nothing in the 'Event Viewer' and nothing in c:\program files\zimbra\..., and nothing in '...application data\zimbra'
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