I have an installation of Zimbra OSE v8.0.7 that I am evaluating for a client. I am testing functionality with Thunderbird and have everything working except the GAL (mail, calendar, user's Contacts are all fine and synchronising).

I have Zimbra using Active Directory for authentication. How would I setup the Thunderbird LDAP addressbook? The instructions I have come across all assume local LDAP on Zimbra, but none that I have seen reference Zimbra authenticating against AD. I pointed the server in the LDAP addressbook settings to the Zimbra server as well as the AD server, but whenever I try searching for a user it cannot find any. Is getting Thunderbird GAL working when Zimbra authenticating off AD possible? This is really just the last piece I need.

Here are my current settings:

General Tab
Hostname: zimbra.mydomain.local  (I have also tried "dc01.mydomain.local")
Base DN: (blank)  (I have also tried "ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=local")
Port number: 389
Bind DN: (blank)  (I have also tried "username@mydomain.local")
Use secure connection (SSL): unchecked

Advanced Tab
Don't return more than: 500
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (mail=*)
Login Method: Simple
Thanks, in advance, for any ideas/pointers you might have.