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Thread: Rejecting mail with old dates

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    Default Rejecting mail with old dates

    I've noticed more and more junk mail coming in with old dates (1999-2004 mostly). I'm assuming this is an attempt to A) get past the spam filter and B) spark the user's curiosity on how this old e-mail showed up.

    Is there any way to reject e-mail with a date that's older than X days in the past? I'm sure I could probably create a filter to put "old" incoming mail in the trash or some other mailbox but this doesn't seem elegant nor does it provide a server wide solution.
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    Default Sounds like an antispam rule...

    Sounds like you want to add a new rule (or re-weight an existing rule) in the antispam engine's detection code. I'd suggest going through that door rather than doing it in Zimbra's mail server.
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