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Thread: How to subscribe to distribution list?

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    Unhappy How to subscribe to distribution list?


    We've recently updated to 8.0.7 (from 7.2.7), and one of the features that caught my eye was the enhancements to distribution list. We have been using mailman for our distribution lists, but if zimbra can permit users to subscribe to lists, then we don't need a separate tool anymore.

    The only problem is, for the life of me I can't figure out how to subscribe. I've created a new empty distribution list, no owner. I configured it to automatically accept new subscribe and unsubscribe requests. what? I've found a plethora of documentation on Dynamic lists that are updated from LDAP, but so far I haven't found so much as a single sentence explaining how a user is supposed to subscribe.

    I'm at a completely loss, and not a little bit frustrated that something that should logically be so easy, is turning out to be so difficult.

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    o/~Neeever miiiiind.... o/~

    I finally found it. I had to explicitly search the GAL to find it. I was expecting to be able to browse somewhere and just find it.

    There really needs to be a way to browse the GAL. It would be amazingly useful to be able to just get a list of all subscribe-able distribution lists.

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