Not sure this is where this question goes but I honestly couldn't find any other section for it.

I have a hosting package with brinkster which uses this webmail client from zimbra for their email packages.

The way I had it configured since 2009 was that gmail somehow got my email for me. I say somehow because I honestly can't remember if I have my brinkster-zimbra email configured to forward my emails to my gmail account or if I had gmail fetch my emails from zimbra. Either way, it worked wonders for the past 5 years.

Yesterday I started getting more serious complaints of why I wasn't answering my emails. Another user in our domain had the same complaint. So I went into the brinkster control panel and saw that both accounts (the other user's and my account) had the words BLOCKED next to it. All other users in the same packaged were fine. I also saw that in red letters it said something like, the account has been blocked due to repeated failed attempts to login or something like that.

So I reset both account passwords and told her to go re-configure her outlook with the new password. I also noticed that the smtp server was not smtp.whatever.com but rather mymail.brinkster.com, so I gave her that new server (but thats outgoing so it shouldn't affect anything). She did it!

Then I went to my gmail settings to change the password with which gmail fetched my zimbramail but I didn't see that account configured anywhere in Accounts & Import settings in Gmail. So I assumed I must have had a brinkster-zimbra forward my emails to my gmail. I went to check on that and I couldn't find any forwarding setting in zimbra. Long story short, I ended up adding the forwarding in zimbra.

My question is:

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of having zimbra forward my email for me to gmail vs having gmail fetch them?